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Bethany Lutch

Bethany Lutch

Operations Service Manager

Bethany Lutch is an Operations Service Manager at Dahring | Cusmano and Associates. With responsibilities that support customer service and operations functions of the business, Bethany’s communication and organizational skills help assure effective scheduling, accurate documentation, and proper data management.  

Born and raised in Michigan, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University. Her husband’s career path took them to Nebraska, Indiana, and New York before permanently relocating to the state she loves. During those years, Bethany gathered significant experience in the pharmaceutical and retail industries. Both placed an emphasis on customer service, effective communication, and attention to detail. 

Moving frequently was difficult, but something Bethany supported. It was a sacrifice for her, yet it was an investment in the family’s future. Bethany now sees her role with Dahring | Cusmano and Associates as the career opportunity she has waited for. Best of all, her prior experience has prepared her with the kind of customer-focused mindset that is so critical to building solid client relationships. She believes that helping clients succeed with their investments is the best way to achieve both company and personal success.    

Bethany currently lives in Brighton, Michigan. Experience as a preschool teacher comes in handy as a mom to energetic three-year-old daughter Kayleigh. In their spare time, Bethany and family enjoy fishing, boating, and other Michigan outdoor activities.